Calling Kaouki

Guys. Do you need something from Brussels? Do you have any uses for, don’t know, old laptops, or electronic stuff to scavenge for spare parts? Or should I be the stereotypical Italian and fill my suitcase with Parmesan and pasta? @matthias @hazem


Thank you for asking @alberto :slight_smile:

  1. One of the two Edgeryders video projectors would be very helpful. We’ll bring it back of course. (I plant to fly out to Brussels at the end.)

  2. You can be the Italian and pack any green coffee beans you find in the house that you don’t really want to consume and would like to kindly donate as a training exercise for the coffee sorter. (I brought about 1 kg but could not pack more … the more the better though … .) Especially unsorted beans or sorted-out beans are valuable. I think there are still coffee beans in parchment shell around, you might want to bring just those and we can shell them here … somehow.

  3. Stepper motors would be useful. They can be found in broken inkjet printers and look like this. But don’t waste your time hunting them, we can also get them here with a bit of effort. Just in case you have a good source (like a hackerspace willing to donate 4-8 pieces).

  4. I will (probably) order a small box of electronics for Raspberry Pi stuff and have it sent to the Edgeryders office. Just bring that if it arrives in time.

Apart from that, I have no bright ideas right now. There is our shopping list though, might serve as inspiration …


I think that laptops, even old, would always find a good use. :slight_smile:

Do you need anything from Paris / France?

@alberto I have ordered two small deliveries to The Reef Brussels, which should come in before you leave. Could you bring them with you please :slight_smile: (otherwise, if they don’t arrive in time for you, @nadia can bring them):

  • spare parts (gasket and sieve) for a rather nice moka pot coffee maker that we got from the Essaouira “trash market” last Sunday
  • stepper motor controllers and pin headers for Raspberry Pi 3, which are (I hope) the only electronics parts we need that we can not easily find locally

I guess that is rather true here. There is a school closeby here that gets electricity in the next days. Means it does not (yet) have a computer room …

Laptop on its way.