Can we hack or tweak maps to help where infrastructure fails for soft mobility (people with special needs, cyclists, pedestrians)?

Recruiting people for testing a hybrid bicycle (see here), personal experiences were confirmed: mother nature gives us ideal conditions (Milano, Italy) such as sun, no wind and flat terrain. We are however trapped because private motor transport rules the roads and scares us. Are you a wheelchair user, mother/father with baby carriage, cyclist or pedestrian then you have a handicap. Traffic is dangerous and public transport is prohibitive….unless you already know your way. If you just use Google maps o Here maps for navigation you will be trapped.

So we need to figure out a soft mobility map which can help us demonstrate that you don’t have to stay home or take your car to the gym to work out. You can get around in many ways and keep fit at the same time.

We need

  • navigation for soft mobility with possibility to set limitations
  • waypoints of broad interest (not just googles shops, restaurants and gas stations)
  • indications of feasibility on a user defined level (accessibility, interesting way, playgrounds, etc.

Who’s in?

Done that!

In fact you were involved in that conversation… see the comments, too:


The above proposal is about an app for mobility navigation rather than a wheelchair issue. However a few people has contributed to a specifications doc. Next up is implementation. Anyone?