Can we help young Europeans find work? With Makerfox?

It’s fun to play with the Makerfox and see it grow up a bit, as we use it for the LOTE4 tickets … and yet, the Makerfox wasn’t invented to be just cute like this, but to solve a real-world problem. Creating jobs (or, compensated work as I like to call it). Esp. for the young generation in Europe.

The Makerfox economy is still in its infancy, so we can’t provide moneyless jobs directly via Makerfox … yet. But today, I read an article in the Guardian about the mayor of Elmas, Sardinia, where the work situation if so desperate that he has set up some funds (not much) for young people to get English lessons and a plane ticket, to look for work elsewhere in Europe.

Now that is also something that we could get together in the moneyless Makerfox economy already: language lessons, via Google Hangout! We can even mix it with the LOTE4 ticket work: two or three language lessons earn you a ticket. We can donate the lessons … either the LOTE4 user can donate them, or Makerfox himself who gets a 7% commission from all ticket trades already … has anyone noticed? laugh And then later, we can encourage the young folks to get more lessons in exchange for their own moneyless offers on Makerfox …

But I wonder how to spin the story (and its potential publicity) right so it also grants some publicity to Edgeryders as a support network for young people in precarious situations. Ideas? I’m up to put in four language lessons (English or German) as a donation … if the idea is good, maybe we can make this a pool?