Can we involve Remy?

I would like the opinion, and hopefully the involvement, of Remy, the person who organized the original FOCITHOH session in LOTE4. @Noemi, do you think it is feasible to invite him to the conf call or are we already sold out? If we are, what about dropping him a line, and letting him know we will involve him, if he wants to be involved and if we decide to go ahead?

Just posting it here as a memory aid: Kas and Leo are other edgeryders that it might be good to have onboard. The Antiheroes ladies also expressed interest.

Would love to, but

… indeed we are now 10 or possibly 11, as Guy was writing me to introduce another colleague of his. Of course, you don’t know who could cancel last minute, but that’s a risk we have to take.

I suggest putting up a public update immediately after the call, and in the meantime I can talk to Leo here in Berlin and see what he thinks of it.

Have been postponing a clear invitation…

I’m happy Zoe and WeMake space are on board. I’ve shared everything with her & collaborators. So a hacker/ makers space can and should be involved in the actual consortium as a prototyping organisation (?)

I have been postponing writing to Leo (and Remy) following a discussion we had in Berlin because I was waiting for things to fall into place and have an actual proposal of where they could fit in. Leo and Cass don’t have an official hacker space now (open hardware) - it is in the making/ negotiation phase somewhere about 60 km away from London in Billericay. So rather than involving them in the consortium per se, they could be part of Edgeryders, no? trying to clarify options… they are busy anyway, so the best thing would be to come up with a clear offer as to in what capacity they would be joining.