Can you help me manage & teach me how to maintain a CentOS VPS?

Hi all, since some time I have a VPS running in a Swiss datacenter. It runs CentOS. My linux knowledge is limited, so in maintaining the VPS I google around for tips and learn by trial and error. This is ok most of the time, but sometimes more critical things pop up, and then I find I am quickly at the limit of my knowledge and googling for an answer becomes too time consuming.

So I am looking for someone who is savvy in CentOS and knows about running a VPS, who can help me troubleshoot / teach me for an hour every now and then. This can be paid, in money or in sharing some of my time / knowledge. Since I’ll need to let whoever is going to assist me access my VPS with root access I prefer to find someone from a trusted network such as Edgeryders.

Let me know if you’re interested.