CAPSSI community workshop - Volos, Greece - July, 12th

Dear opencare team,

We received a reminder from Ms. Monique Calisti of the Chic project to participate to the next CAPSSI community workshop for a DSI manifesto, which will be held in Volos, Greece on July, 12th:

Dear All,

if you are attending the CAPS events that will take place in Volos the week 10-14 July, please register ASAP! We need to know more precisely how many participants there will be for logistics reasons. Registration is FREE and it takes 3 minutes to register!

Also notice that the agenda for the CAPS Community workshop taking place 12th July has been updated:

Feel free to share your impressions, whether you wish opencare to participate or not.


Both Marco and I were in touch with the Volos people via Loretta. Loretta encouraged us to make proposals, which we did. They never replied to us. We take this as a lack of interest, and are not interested in playing audience, so @markomanka wrote an email saying “OK, we disengage” with Loretta in cc, and I backed him up. No sense spending time and money on this. They want to do community, they need to do better than that.