Career Coaching

Me and a friend is formullating an organization as NGO for Career Coaching. We are aiming to enhance the employment market by identifing the personality styles, career interests, career values and motivational skills for youth.

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hello and welcome on board

can u tell us more about the Career Coaching and whom do u target , and did u already start the NGO or did u give sessions before and how was that

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Hi Hazem,

Sorry for my late reply, our initiative of Career Coaching is targeting mainly the young people in universities, fresh grade and junior professionals. We aim to start our NGO by the end of this year. I am a certified Career Coach from a French University and hoping to spread the idea and the coaching concept in all over Egypt!

What problem are you trying to solve?

Hello @sfreto, good to meet you. I am curious to know what gave you the idea to start this NGO. Most countries have Job Centers, where people in search of employment go and are given advice on where to look, helped to write their CVs etc. What is the situation like in Egypt? Are you trying to provide the basic service or are you trying for something different?

Hi Alberto,

The idea is beyond the basics of cv writing and/or interviwing skills. The idea is concentrating if the chosen career is the best career which is suitable for the candidate or not from the beginning. We are trying to explore some issues before applying to jobs and going to the employment market. The main issues are identifying the personality type and how to deal with other types, Career interests, Career values and motivational skills! It is a full journey :slight_smile:

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Fair enough

Seems reasonable. And how is it going so far?

career shifts

just another question @sfreto what are the average age do u deal with within ur work , and how many career shifts do u deal with also .

coz nowadays in Egypt - and I think everywhere - u get a degree in something and work in a totally different field

and speaking about career shifts have u read @Alberto 's story  :slight_smile: