CATALYST event on Networked Social Responsibility this July in BXL

I got a general invitation from the Catalyst partners to join the international annual event on Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation - the EU funding stream behind Edgesense and Assembl tools we are testing, and the same that Edgeryders LbG was looking into with the fresh OpenCare proposal.

The event happens July 7-8 and people who register can apply to lead a workshop or another activity. Deadline is April 30, also look for #CAPS2015EU on social media.

I’m not sure I’m going myself, but it could be a good networking opportunity for some Edgeryders, as a lot of the people who are recipients of EU grants will be there and can share their experience.

If anyone is interested in joining, we could put together a plan, just let the rest of us know in a comment.