Catching up on the latest Edgeryders are up to, globally!

Is it just me who’s smiling widely when people on my facebook or twitter wall, or in chats are sharing the joy of their breakthroughs, whatever the nature? This post is to do a short recap of all that’s been going on lately,… help fill in the gaps!

It’s a pleasure seeing new community members jumping on the Edge ship from far away: the Ci2i Global folks, some of whom are based in Southeast Asia or Latin America, and the ongoing project of setting up a pan African Edgeryders community. Not only have you guys seriously taken on board the offer to make full use of the Edgeryders infrastructure, including hosting your projects in dedicated platform groups, but thanks especially for sharing with the rest of us across the world the wonderful work you are doing. I feel it is a privilege to be seeing how grassroots development unfolds in Uganda, something which many would only get a chance to learn about via a Ted Talk a couple of years from now, when it’ll be up and running!

All this is happening while older community members are (luckily not so quietly) doing their thing in the spaces they’re into:

  • [Asta] is celebrating influencing public policy after having collected over 11000 responses in the EU copyright consultations (well done!)
  • [immaginoteca] is building a new cowork space and designers community in Paris which we hear will be open for Edgeryders meetups (the soon to launch Volumes)
  • [saidhamideh] just set up, a platform to connect communication professionals and designers here in the community with paid work opportunities all over the world to the US. how elegant is this?
  • EconomyApp is teasing us before the upcoming launch, but we’re looking forward to the “moneyless marketplace where you can buy handmade food & furniture when you can't afford Kik & IKEA”.
  • unMonasterians are busy getting their hands dirty onsite: here’s some of the daily hacktion in Matera, and remember, if you’re in Matera mid March, join the grand opening!
  • some \#Lote3 folks like [pacheca] and others are getting new gigs this year with Greenpeace, also in teaching and design, making a living out of their passions!

And many more that I am surely missing, simply because there’s too much going on in the different spaces! If you’re reading this and haven’t been visiting this platform in a while, would love to catch up, so drop us a quick status update.

Kudos to you, a big welcome to all the newest community members and looking forward to those whom we have not met yet, especially our peers in Armenia, Georgia, Egypt who are ryding the Edge but perhaps don’t know it yet! Wait until we kick that geo bubble’s *** :smiley:

If any of you, older and newer Edgeryders would like to meet with each other, with [Dorotea] and myself live, remember we have a bimonthly opportunity to do so. If you wish to attend, do let us know in a comment here on the event page in advance. Until then, looking forward to learn what more of us are up to!



Hi Noemi, Thanks for this post and for the official Edgeryders’ letter of support for the VOLUMES project !

I really hope that this collaborative space in Paris will be a spot for Edgeryders community.

We have a lot of work to do and we started co-designing the space and the community with a group of ambassador of the project.

If anyone want to join us, please keep in touch !

Let’s keep working !


Volumes : le coworking par des architectes - Immaginoteca (French)


well done!

well done [immaginoteca], it’s nice to hear about your energy and ideas! I really hope that unMonastery here in Matera can become a place like that.

Let’s keep working!smiley