Central Information System (हाम्रो सूचना केन्द्)


  • To manage, run online portal and app based on data and information(Hamro Suchana Kendra) of works and budget spent by government and organization

-To build and operate central information system about re-construction and development activities taking place in country aftermath of quakes

  • To prolong and sustain works records done by government, organizations, individuals and donors so re-construction won’t be limited for short duration only

  • To provide reliable and trustworthy data’s, resources update and experience update among developmental partners

  • To develop culture of sharing, helping, collaborating, mutual understanding between key players in nation building


Aftermath of earthquake various governmental, NGOs, INGOs, religious wings,political parties, clubs and others participated in relief and re-construction activities. But major challenges was of organized data and availability of resources to track progress of re-construction. There were more NGOs operating on same location doing same thing. Volunteer visited same location for construction and re-constriction could be more managed and systematic if we had some platform where we all could access data and information of on-going processes.

Problem Identification

-Lack of proper information and data centre to track, evaluate and determine re-construction process and developmental works

-Lack of transparency on budget collected and utilized by NGO’s, INGO’s and governmental body at various levels

-Absence of trust and faith of people on government and other organizations

  • Failure to accomplish donors expectation by properly executing projects in earlier time

-Cluster and congestion of volunteers for re-construction and re-habilitation

-Difficulties on finding right and required technical people

-Gap of operation between various departments within government, organizational and other parties involve in development

-Lack of availability of right connection with resource provider

-Lack of maximum utilization of youth power (To some extent)

What we want to do

-A online portal as well as app based system (open source system) regulated by volunteers. Simply data and information sharing system which will be accessible and free to anyone who requires information about progress of relief and developmental works.

-We can make volunteering, governmental projects and organisational activities related to relief and re-construction more transparent and trustworthy by displaying project cost, employees pays, material cost, travel expenses and miscellaneous cost. This can be extended to others areas beyond relief and re-construction.

-To win trust from donors by letting them track their fund and see their donations reached to destination

-To motivate and encourage institutional partners to realize their corporate responsibility and develop habit of philanthropism

-Government, NGO, INGO and other organization will have access to online portal and will be regularly updated by them via app or website

-Information and data shared will be independent of political affiliations, purely un-biased & irrespective of geographic locations, castes, creeds, languages

-Provision for industry, corporate house, business venture to have direct access to developmental organization will be provided so they can notify their interest of involvement will be included

-To channelize technical, non-technical, skilled, unskilled manpower for developmental activities

-To provide youth with internship, volunteering, field visits to generate skilled and qualified youths for tomorrow

Source of data and information collection

The governmental ministry & departments (local as well national), organizations (NGO’s, INGO’s), business venture will simply sign up and start sharing their data and information via app or web portal. The following chart will demonstrate sources from various sectors.

                                            Central Information Centre

हाम्रो सूचना केन्द्

Please fill up all the details of your work/research and help us in maintaining the sound work/research database.

Also, you can share your personal experience and views of the works carried out that might be helpful or informative for further works and researches. It would be beneficial even for the general knowledge of the scenario of that particular place where work/research was conducted. Experience you shared will be made available on our website for easy access.

Thank You for the co-operation!


This is a effort to develop a central system to share developmental works, research data, experience faced by one organisation so other can get accurate vision of fields and save significant amount of money which can be utilised in other sector. It will also act as verifier of work done by them with certain level of working standard.

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I think you are on to something …

As a computer science guy, I won’t even try to hide that I like information systems :slight_smile:

Together with @Natalia_Skoczylas and the rest of the Future Makers Nepal team, we had some own ideas into this direction: a Humanitarian Data Information System (for UN, government etc.) and a phone hotline interface for this. See the very end of this document.

However, your proposal is even more encompassing! I like your idea of integrating volunteer coordination. Volunteers could even have their CV saved there and apply for positions online with just a few clicks. Also, seeing an overall progress of reconstruction in Nepal would be awesome. And then, the cherry on top: beyond reconstruction, the same information system could manage infrastructure development for rural Nepal. (You know, all the things that were not destroyed by the earthquake because they were delayed … .)

What I’m currently struggling with, though, is how to get this information system (1) developed and (2) accepted. See my post on movement building, which I wrote during a  low point in the last days. Constructive input and ideas welcome :slight_smile:

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About Developing and Accepting Informations

Actually we want to develop app and website where organisation will themselves be able to update. But there are issues of transparency and how accurate information they share with us. It will require a lot of trust and co-operation and most of all honesty from them.smiley

it would be probably worth checking how the UN Volunteers website works to see good examples of matching people (or bad ones).

@Bkarki, as much as I like your idea, i wish it was more an article than just a proposal you probably pitched already somewhere else;) It is valuable and it offers a solution - which other articles failed to propose. I would like to see it conceptualised more in the context of what’s beyond reconstruction and relief - how would that maybe facilitate movements/activists in general?

Thank you for the piece and see you on Saturday I hope;)

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