Challenge Intro: Help a fellow Edgeryder

In this mission we ask that you read the stories shared by other Edgeryders and comment them. The comment could be a burning question; a piece of advice; a reference to somebody that undertook a similar journey in a different way. Try to make a useful contribution to that person’s reflection on their own story. Don’t be shy about it: Edgeryders appreciate how precious the gift of unbiased attention and discussion is.

Good for you

Reading the stories of other Edgeryders is a potential source of inspiration, and the person telling the story might be someone from whom you could learn something useful for your own story. Also giving advice can be a good way of discovering the value of your own knowledge for yourself and for others.

Good for everyone

An important reason why people are in Edgeryders is to help, learn from and inspire each other. Some Edgeryders have been generous enough to share their stories with the rest of us. These stories are gifts given to the community because they are a good starting point for discussion and for getting to know one another and ourselves better. Please read the personal transition stories of Edgeryders who already completed the “Share your story” mission, and leave a comment for the ones that inspired you…

To play this mission:

  1. Read out what stories other Edgeryders have posted here.
  2. Write a thoughtful comment to the posts that you have chosen. Try to make a useful contribution to that person’s reflection on their own story. Short and generic comments like “Great story!” or “Maybe you should try something different” are not really useful contributions because they don't help us go further- suggesting a process or resource or someone to look up does.

This mission can be repeated as many times as you want, and each completion will award extra reputation points. So be generous with your time!