Challenge Intro: Help build the Edgeryders P2P school of resilience!

  • Tell us about a personal resilience experience. Have you taken part in an initiative or do you have an experience with resources taken for granted and all of the sudden being inaccessible?
  • What were the difficulties in taking action to keep those resources?
  • What lessons did you learn and think others should learn too? What advice would you give them?


-> You can refer to both material - food, energy, population, healthcare - and immaterial resources - like networks, knowledge and the like.

-> In completing this mission you can also interview someone you know and ask about their experience.

-> You can post your mission report in video, text, illustrations, whatever you see fit.

Good for you: Becoming aware of today’s most pressing needs and doing something to solve an issue of resource scarcity already makes you a guru of resilience! Do preach!

Good for others: We too would like to learn how to live sustainably so as to meet the needs of our community and conserve resources that run the risk of being subjected to shocks.


When you’re ready to share your insights with the community, open the mission report editor by clicking on the “create mission report” button look up to your right. This will open a WYSYYG editor where to write about your experience.

If you´re not already signed in to the Edgeryders platform you can do it here.

Like all missions, this one is worth 250 reputation, but extra points are awarded for great content.

Start now! Or get the bigger picture on RESILIENCE.