Challenge Intro: Mine Becomes Ours

(This is an introductory text for a story collection campaign that we used before in Edgeryders, and may want to use again.)

When caring for commons, we explore sharing as an emerging strategy to make resources more open and accessible to all. In the new, collaborative “co-“ trend (co-housing, co-working, co-building, co-ops, co-owning), one not only saves money and helps reduce waste, but finds a new space to build relationships and contribute to a more equal distribution of wealth and power in society.

For many, building a resilient future is much easier on this path. For example, living together in a common establishment helps when you have a student loan to repay that lopwers your ability to buy your own home (see the British case as example). The high mobility of young professionals or “digital nomads” lifestyles can also help make a case for not owning stuff, but sharing or borrowing, even with people who are strangers or from the online space.

What are the norms underpinning this cooperation? The 2010 New Sharing Economy survey showed that a key component in sharing resources online is the trust that is being built through a system of reputation and repeated interactions, and is reinforced in a way that places it at the core of sharing models in general. So tell us your experiences!

  • sharing living spaces: tell us your story of co-housing or sharing an apartment
  • visit and review a co-working space in your city or a city near you. Would you work there?
  • sharing mobility: review a service of car sharing, bike sharing or ride sharing that you (or a friend of yours) use

Good for you: By telling other members of the community how you live, you get to connect with others who share your views on lifestyle and exchange info, learn what works and what doesn’t.

Good for everyone: Your contribution can inform other similar behaviors and increase the visibility of new ways of living or working together. We learn what is needed to live cheaper, simpler and be friendlier to the environment, while at the same time growing good relationships.

Count me in! How do I participate?

It’s easy! submit your contribution: share your story in a reply below.This will open a WYSIWYG editor where you can write about your experiences.