Challenge Intro: So how else could your community get its food?

To live sustainably and become more self-sufficient we may need to invent new ways of living, without, or while we wait for, our governments to do it. Shaun Chamberlin from Transition Town Kingston says that large scale problems don’t require large scale solutions, rather they require small scale solutions within a large scale framework.

  • How much do you know about how you and the community you live in gets food and energy?
  • Tell us about the fabulous initiatives in your town/city! Are there projects for urban farming, sustainable energy sources or projects to decrease dependence on fossil fuel based transport?

Good for you: You get to let the world know about the challenges your community is experiencing and what are or would be the best approaches to solve those challenges.

Good for others: By sharing your knowledge on this you enable EdgeRyders to connect with the most interesting work that’s out there on increasing resilience.


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