Challenge Intro: The Rules of the Space

(This is an introductory text for a story collection campaign that we used before in Edgeryders, and may want to use again.)

As we navigate through different layers of space - personal, communal, public, private; physical or immaterial - we find that each has its own unique dynamic that is conditioned by ownership, access and attitudes of the people inhabiting them. HOW we live with one another and HOW we make sense of the interactions when factoring in power relations, newer arrivals, meshing of spaces or other elements that constantly challenge the basis of our relationships?

You can do this mission in either of two ways:

  • Imagine a person moves to your town or city and tells you that they would like to hangout somewhere where they could make new friends. Where would you send them and why? What information or advice would you give them? What knowledge or skills do you think you would have found useful to settle in faster the last time you moved to a new place?


  • Do you consider yourself an indigenous person? Why or why not? Interview someone who has moved to the city or town you live in, and ask him or her about their experience of the place. How does it compare to yours?

Dig deeper into the topic

  • Read what other Edgeryders have said - Andrei’s At the edges of conflict and mixed identity makes a strong point on what it’s like to live at the crossroads and clashes of cultures. His vision is that of peacebuilding: "hate speech on both sides [of Transnistria] is still louder than the voices of peace"

Good for you: If you’re an indigenous person, reflecting on this can help you learn how to welcome new arrivals; if you’re a newcomer, reflecting on this can help you learn the tricks to accommodate to the new home and make the transition smoother.

Good for everyone: Your contribution can educate others to cherish new places and out-of-the-box relationships and open up to the value of communities that are dynamic, adaptable or rich in diversity.

Count me in! How do I participate?

It’s easy! just leave a reply below with your reflections