Challenge Intro: You, me and everyone we know

(This is an introductory text for a story collection campaign that we used before in Edgeryders, and may want to use again.)

We each put bits of our identity in the social networks we’re part of and in the relationships we are cultivating. The process goes two-way, as how others perceive us constantly reinforces how we behave in a context and builds into a dynamic of symbolic reputation, authority and legitimacy. This gets even more complex as we move in the digital, where interaction is governed by our (semi-)public profiles; recent theory goes as far as to suggest that our online self changes and augments our offline self [Cyborgology]. We’d like to explore further this identity hacking and remixing in the context of how we build social networks, how we bridge them, how we use them to support one another p2p, or even escape them. And why this matters for social cohesion.

  • How do you build your social network? What do you look for when connecting with others: a wide network, diversity, or meaningful relations? Or all of these?
  • How do you define yourself and perceive others in online environments? What helps, what doesn’t help in building resilient networks?
  • What about the dangers, i.e. related to commercial, corporate-owned, centralised social networks, how do you manage these?

Good for you: Reflecting on this can bring to the surface new questions that you need to ask in order to improve your friendly self and the quality of your relationships, both in the offline and online environments.

Good for everyone: Your contribution can help others learn new ways of connecting and find a balance between the appeal and potential threats in some networks.

Count me in! How do I participate?

It’s easy! just reply to this post with your reflections below>.This will open a WYSIWYG editor where you can write about your experiences.