Changing the frequency of the plenary meetings to every 3 weeks

@reef-governance: based on my discussions with two newlings I learned that our arrangement of bi-weekly plenaries doesn’t work very well for people who need to take care of children in a bi-weekly divorce arrangment, so I have taken the liberty to draft a short proposal to experiment with meetings every 3 weeks.

I saved it here:

For me this is a level 2 decision without too much impact (i.e. don’t overdo the process, it can always be objected to at the plenary), but at the same time I also don’t want to solo-slim the entire group of course.

Would any of you possibly have the time to have a look at the proposal and provide me with some feedback and/or peer review it?


The proposal looks good, and meetings every three weeks has a lot of advantages.

I would say this is a level 3 (only technically), just because it will have a tangible impact on every group member, albeit a positive one. And because we put the online and Sunday plenary meetings proposal to a plenary.

Speaking of which, we’re yet to start that experiment. Do you think some of the dates should be specified as online? And could we change one of the Mondays to a Sunday, which wouldn’t drastically affect the rhythm…

And lastly:

I’m a big fan of making up expressions and then using them as if they were commonly understood, which is why I’m a big fan of this :slight_smile:

For the online ones I’m a bit uninspired. My preference is to leave it flexible as to when we do it. Adding in a Sunday should be easy. I would prefer to do it after we did a plenary on a Thursday.

We can talk about this in Team Governance, but I think that in the future (when we are building) we won’t be able to spend on things like this at plenary meetings, so we will need to streamline our online consultation process a bit. I’ll work on this when I pick up the Governance Document again.

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I had a quick look, seems like a very sensible thing to propose. Thanks @Lee :slight_smile:
Just a tiny detail: the first two dates (Thursday 18 July, Monday 31 July) are very close together (less than two weeks actually) - should the calendar maybe start on 11 July?

Thanks for that @Sophie_Beese!

Hi @reeflings !

Earlier this year, we proposed trying to have a plenary on a Sunday, at the request of some members who find evenings more difficult to attend. This message is to let people know that there is a Sunday plenary on the horizon, specifically on 15 October. When we eventually review things like frequency of plenaries and when to have them, how many people actually turn up for a Sunday session will be part of that process…



Hi Chris,

Txs for the heads-up! I checked immediately my diary and saw I am out that weekend for a reunion…. :unamused: apologies


Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the plenary on 15 October.
Usually Sundays (and Saturdays) are not very practical for me.