Checking in on the publication plan

As OpenCare draws to its close, we are pending more time with publishing and narrativising. Before the summer, we agreed to a publication plan. I’d like everyone to check in on what they are doing.

Me, I am working with @melancon, @jason_vallet and @amelia on a journal version of our Scaling Digital Ethnography paper.. We have split work and agreed on a final structure. We aim to have a draft by the end of the month. By the way, @jason_vallet, how are you proceeding on this?

As far as I know, the work that should be ready, or almost ready includes:

  1. @lakomaa’s book chapter on evasive entrepreneurship. Erik, can I read it?
  2. @federico_monaco, @ezio_manzini, @noemi and @amelia’s “From talk to action” paper.
  3. Anything else? From @markomanka maybe?

Also, after the Bordeaux meeting it was agreed that @costantino would produce a tentative table of contents for the Playbook. He was advocating a slightly more structured version of the Playbook than the default “just a container for whatever we do”. Should we still expect it, Costantino, or do we go back to the default?

Have a lovely week, everyone.

“La finance et la soin: gouvernance, systèmes mutualistes et répartition du risque” by Deborah Liebart and myself. We are editing the final draft (still in French), and will have it translated in English for publication.

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Great! Looking forward. Happy to read the French version.

Hey @jason_vallet and @alberto , is there any reason for me to not update GraphRyder? I’m interested in looking at some stuff for the T2A paper.

Because of the tiranny of publishers, you will have to wait until we are ready to upload it to a prepublishing repository. Circulating it by any other means can still jeopardise the chances of acceptance in good journals/books.
But we are almost there :wink:

This call for papers may interest some here, or in your networks, I guess

Ethno/Graphic Storytelling: Communicating research through graphic novels and animation

@alberto ; @amelia

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I don’t personally know anyone teaching anthropology via graphic novels or animation, but it certainly is a cool idea!