Checklist for purchasing a site

Hello @reeflings,

As discussed to prepare for the next milestone, the purchase of the site, I would like to create a sort of “checklist” with conditions that we want to have in place before we start scouting.

The way I imagine it now this checklist would consist of two main categories:

  1. Ability
  2. Confidence

Under ability I would set all the practical things we need to get done so we are ready to “push the button” should we decide to purchase a site. Items include having gone through the “confesseur” process, having an overview on our financial capacity, having everything in order at the notary’s etc.

Under confidence I would set things that are more subjective but nevertheless important, all relating to whether we manage to smoothly function as a group or not.

My idea would be to prepare a proposal on this to be adopted by the plenary.

As a first step I would like to check-in with Mark and ask whether he can complete the list I have prepared for the ‘ability’ category. As this is going to cost us 1-2 hours of consulting time, I wanted to quickly check in whether you agree with this approach.

Can you please let me know if you see a major objection?



No objection.

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