CheFare: draft a hit social media campaign to push unMonastery in the finals!

The unMonastery Matera prototype has been submitted for the CheFare Italian competition, and last week it became one of the 40 projects shortlisted for the next phase of the competition!! More info about this phase here.

To increase our chances of winning, we need to collect as many votes as possible in the upcoming two months, not just from Italians but also from people around the globe. The challenge is to drive participation across a number of channels and across diverse communities, including Edgeryders, the people of Matera, and fellow change makers, supporters of radical innovation or residents in the unMonastery.

By outlining how a successful campaign would look like, it would be great if we can provide answers to the following :

  1. What is a powerful, creative message to prompt people to go on the CheFare website and cast a vote? What would an effective call for participation look like, in a paragraph?
  2. What traditional and new media is available to push the message out into the world? Italian? International? Can we create or target specific events and rally their participants to cast a vote?
  3. Which communities or spokesperson could be interested and could partner up to act as distributors of the message?
  4. etc.
Curious what your idea of a campaign to drive votes would look like!
Oh, and if you like the unMonastery just as much as we do, don't forget to SHOW SOME LOVE AND VOTE FOR IT on the CheFare website!