Hello everybody, I’m popping into this group to offer you some thoughts about a possible cooperation between our projects that are among the 40 finalists of the CheFare initiative. We intend to use CheFare as an opportunity to cooperate with similar-minded projects: a campaign called #cheFareCON (in English would be #whattodowith), which we hope will help everyone find their “project soulmates”. We wrote an article about it, in Italian, that you can find here: http://tropicodellibro.it/notizie/chefarecon/.

So, we start presenting ourselves a bit. Open Culture Atlas is newly born and is a partecipated and non-profit atlas of the “living culture”, a search engine inspired by ethical principles for people, events, places and opportunities linked to the various branches of contemporary culture and a flywheel for kindred projects – like for example Social Book, that throught sharing of private libraries between neighbours promote reading and creation of a physical community.

Besides Social Book, another project Open Culture Atlas is going to “host” is Culturalsurfing, that in brief will be low cost training itineraries for specific niches of interest all over Europe, in association with international projects based on bottom up sharing. We see the time spent travelling as a time for discovering and learning. Those who benefit from this opportunity (participating in a conference, visiting a festival, having a new work experience) will bring back the know-how they acquired and share it (in copyleft or similia) with the rest of the community. By growing together with the projects that it hosts, Open Culture Atlas will be a professional community involved in helping sustainable projects, finding essential support and creating networks where members can share their expertises. Moreover, this approach will create new work opportunities. All these projects are inspired by the very same principles of cooperation, transparency and radical innovation referred in the presentation of unMonastery.

I wrote this long presentation just to explain why I’m intruding on your group. For the past few days we have been watching the evolution of unMonastery and wondering about a possible cooperation with it. To start, we would like to suggest you to upload any kind of location and event related to unMonastery, starting with your very first experience in Matera. We intend to think about possible ways to help you, and we are asking you to do the same.

For now you could comment or write me at ebecattini@tropicodellibro.it and tell me your thoughts on all those ideas.

Thank you all and hope to hear from you soon!