Choosing a confesseur

Hi! I’m sorry, I don’t remember we said so…

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Ok, thanks for the input , both @alberto & @Celine_D . I will call them today & figure it out. Keep you posted.

Hi @reef-finance ,

Just called both Jean Pierre & Marcel. Jean Pierre is in south of France & will let me know when he knows the exact date of return so we can plan the confesseurs meeting date(s) with the reeflings. What we agreed is that Jean Pierre & Marcel will talk to each other before & the reeflings won’t need to prepare any documents for the first meeting. Ideal plan would be to book a Saturday (or Sunday) from midday to 5pm max for consecutive meetings reserving 30min per person. I will keep you posted on Jean Pierre’s return date (sometime in November).


Sounds good, thanks @ugne!

@ugne, would you have any updates on how it’s going with the confesseurs?

My concern is that this would become a bottleneck for people to become Full Members, so I would feel relieved if this could move forward as fast as possible.

Do you think it would be possible to schedule one or two days in early December?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Lee ,

I don’t have any update but waiting for Jean Pierre to come back to me with a date he is back. As of then, i can start scheduling and I think we can definitely have those couple of days planned end of November or December. What i can do is go back to him and ask again whether he knows when he is back, although he promised to let me know. I keep you all posted. Regards from Lithuania!


Hi @reef-finance,

An update regarding the meeting(s) with the confesseurs: it seems we will be going for a December date as one of the confesseurs - Jean Pierre - is only available in December.

The current proposal stands as follow - 30min per person from 12pm to 5pm on :

  • Saturday, 10 December (ideally done in a day)

  • Saturday, 17 December (option 2)

My question to you: can i go ahead preparing a doodle & sending out the message to all reeflings in order to plan the meetings on the above dates or you wish to discuss this during our Thursday meeting?


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Hi @ugne & team! Thank you.
I just note that 12 pm-5pm is 10 time slots, so, if new Reeflings have joined the group by that time, which I hope, I’m afraid it can’t be done in one day.


Hi @ugne,

Thanks a lot for taking this up.

I agree with Céline. On top of that I don’t believe that there is any chance that we’ll all be available on the same date, so having two dates seems like a good thing.

The downside of the 10th of December is that it coincides with the Samenhuizen Trefdag (the Flemish equivalent of the Salon de l’Habitat Groupé), which I hoped to attend, possibly together with some other Reeflings who speak Dutch (there’s quite a lot of them in the new group).

Another thing I wanted to note is that I’d be happy to make my place available if that would help. This would have the advantage that people can come early and have a coffee while waiting.

I agree with you both. Why don’t we keep both dates and change Saturday 10 Dec to Sunday, 11 December as an option? Like that you can attend Samenhuizen Trefdag and still have an opportunity to meet the confesseur. I am sure both of them will agree to do this on Sunday. We’ve already discussed this option.
We can briefly visit this topic tonight, but i will then start asking people for both dates and get this thing organised.

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Hi @reef-finance
Quick update regarding the confesseur process: I managed to get Jean Pierre on the phone asking him how we could advance the confesseurs process and what would be the follow up of the first F2F meeting. His answered that reassured me:

  • ONE F2F meeting per household is enough
  • the new reeflings who can’t get 11 or 17 Dec spot, can do the same online
  • 1st meeting will already help them (both confesseurs) to define the individual financial situation
  • he predicts that after the 1st meeting people will simply need to send them the docs and this will be enough to give them the final answer
  • timeline: he thinks it can be all done within a week - 10 days (but of course it depends on how fast every household will send the requested docs)

Let me know if i should ask him any additional questions, but what is sure is that nobody needs to prepare for a meeting on 11 or 17 December.


Hi @ugne,

I’m picking up on this thread because I found myself wondering about the next steps …

Some questions:

  • How do we deal with the information on everybody’s score? (I send an email to Mark to ask how they did this in Brutopia). My intuition is that this information concerns the entire group, but maybe there’s also arguments to keep it a secret?

  • Are we clear about what a “B” and “C” actually mean?

  • In function of the reply to that, do we have a process on how to follow up with people who received a B and a C? This question is rather urgent now, because it affects quite a number of full membership requests (confirmed and pending).

Happy to discuss if that’s helpful, but equally happy to leave this to Team Finance of course.


hey @Lee
Indeed, good question. Following Marcel’s email to me, we said i will be summarizing and sharing the info with all reeflings, but i haven’t yet done that. The way i understand it is that we are good if we are A or B. However, we need to deal somehow to Cs. I personally haven’t considered the Bs as something to worry about and Marcel/Jean Pierre neither. But maybe we shouldn’t, I can bring it to our finance meeting this week.
Indeed, the Cs should be followed up and i think all of them went to see or plan to see the Fond de Logement to verify more accurately their financial situation.

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I considered A as “nothing to worry about”… but there must be a difference between A and B. Indeed, important to understand what it is.

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