Choosing a confesseur

Hi @reef-finance ,

Following our meeting with Marcel and Alberto’s with Jean Pierre, plus Mark’s answer to Lie’s questions, could we have an online meeting to discuss what we do next? It seems we would need to organise ourselves quickly, decide on confesseur or even confesseurs’ choice and start filling the agenda with meetings, correct? Or do we have to wait till 15 Sep to report and decide then? Just to be clear on the process. Thanks

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That would be @reef-finance’s next team meeting. Unfortunately, we need to reschedule now (see). Malaz, Céline, do you want to meet at my place (5 mins walk from Brutopia) before the meeting with the architects (if you are even coming to that meeting)?

I’ll come to the meeting with the architects, but I can’t make it earlier.

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Hello @reef-finance, I created a draft for the confesseur process. It is here:, in the “Financial viability” folder of Team Finance. Could you revise and hopefully finalize while Celine and I are gone?

I moved to the same folder also the report from the meeting with Marcel Heymans (thanks @Celine_D and @ugne ).

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noted & thanks, @alberto ! & Safe trip!

Hello @reef-finance,

I read Alberto’s draft and as far as I can see it looks good to go.

Would you be willing to present this document as a proposal at the next plenary meeting on 29 September?

For The Reef I think it would be a big win if we could move on with this, plus we also don’t have any other points for the plenary meeting of the 29th, so it would be really great if this could work out.

Can you please let me know?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @reef-finance , hi @Lee ,

I agree that Alberto’s draft doc looks good & it would be indeed great moving forward, but i won’t be able to attend the online session on the 29 Sep, as that night i leave to London to see my sister. Could anybody else from the team take this task (presenting)?
Thanks in advance!


Hi @ugne,

Thanks for your reply.

My concern was that within there may have been a need in the Team to continue the discussion, but at the same time I think it’s important to not overcomplicate things that can be simple.

So unless @Mas and @Celine_D see a major stumbling block that I am not aware of, I would propose to put the document on the agenda of the plenary on the 29th, counting on Alberto and/or Céline to take care of the presentation?

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Hello @reef-finance! I have been made aware that the discussion on the confesseur process is going to be the centerpiece of the plenary of the 29th – it is urgent to kickstart it, and we have no other topic for that plenary. So, two things need to happen:

  1. The team needs to approve the document. It obviously works for me, and Ugne has approved it. We need the approval (with modifications, if necessary) from Céline and Malaz ASAP.
  2. We need to find someone to present. We know Ugne is not available. I do plan to participate in the plenary, but @Lee and I will be on an island off the coast of Sicily, and we might have good Internet or not. We cannot even test it in advance, because it will be our first day there! So, it is risky for me to be the presenter. That leaves Céline and Malaz: is one of you willing to present the document?
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Hello @reef-finance ! I read the document.
About @alberto 's comment on the last paragraph: Marcel Heymans actually recommended having someone from The Reef go to Immotheker first (not after the confesseur process), to introduce the project to them and ask for general advice.

I agree with the other parts of the proposal.

@Mas would you like to present this to the plenary? If not, I’ll do it.

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Indeed, but his recommendation, as I recall it, is to do it as a group. So, in practice, this would not influence the process for individual Reeflings.

Great! I’ll still be there.

Thank you so much, @Celine_D !

So, @reef-finance, congratulations on getting this proposal passed. Thanks again @Celine_D for presenting.

Next steps:

  1. Contact the confesseurs and let them know they are on.
  2. Identify someone that can act as a “secretary”, booking the first 3-4 appointments, hopefully on the same day. It can be one of us, but since we are very busy, we could also ask someone else to volunteer a couple of hours.

Who can take the lead on this?

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Hi @reef-finance ,

Sorry for not being there last Thursday and thanks for getting the proposal accepted.
I am very busy with work, but could contact both confesseurs and ask for their availability (i ma sure they will be very flexible), so the main thing will be contacting the reeflings and coordinating the dates. Indeed, i will be aiming for one day having 3-4 meetings in a row. Can somebody just help me with booking the Brutopia or any other place for the meeting (when i have a date agreed) or should this be online? We agreed while talking to both of them that the first meeting should be ideally face to face.


Hey Ugné, thanks for that. I sent you on a provarte channel the contact info of the two confesseurs.

Jean-Pierre proposed to commandeer the meeting room of Stekke&Fraas. I guess he’ll do it himself, but better check.

Great, @alberto all info well received. Will start contacting them and keep you posted. One last question - the two confesseurs - they don’t know each other, correct?

@alberto, @Celine_D
One more thing: do you remember we said that people first meet main confesseur & then are “re-checked” by the second. Does that mean that i inform both confesseurs about our decision to work with them, but start scheduling meetings only with Jeanne Pierre first? & then second round with Marcel will follow?
Does this make sense?

Not clear, no. My notes from the meeting with Jean-Pierre say that he prefers for both confesseurs to do the first meeting, and only later they divide Reeflings among them, but check with each other. Better to just ask them! Also, I hear that Marcel would like to have a chat with Jean-Pierre before they start, so you could write them both and suggest they organize a call with one another.

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