Christmas & NY Party 7 Jan

Hi everyone,

The end of the year is slowly inching closer and I would like to kickstart the organization of the Christmas-NY party! :slight_smile: This would be on Saturday the 7th of January.

My suggestion would be to do it at our place (in Forest). We have hosted parties before with up to 50 people at a certain point, so the location has been tried and tested. :wink:

My first idea was to make it a potluck, but maybe you want something fancier? Any ideas are welcome.

Would you like to work around a theme or would you like to do a certain activity?

Let me know your thoughts! Thx :slight_smile:


So cool!

Potluck sounds great in my eyes.

Not much into themes myself… BUT there is one on my mind:
“Fancy Reef Creatures” haha

But I do enjoy parties where people dress up a little more fancy than in their every day life. (But in the end it is up to every individual of course.)

I will work that day, but have requested a morning shift. Is there a starting time already?


Haha, I love the ‘Fancy Reef Creatures’ idea :slight_smile:

No, there is no starting time decided yet, but we might as well do it now: Say from 18h onwards?

18h or 18.30h sounds good.

Can’t write much now, but tagging @reef-logistics to make the threat more visible to the rest of Team Logistics.

I think a theme party is a good idea as long as it is a theme that is easy to implement and that has buy-in from people. :slight_smile:

Another idea I had was to do a Secret Santa, even though given the date of the party, it would be more of a Befana/Three Kings thing. It could be a nice way to get to know people better and I also personally like giving presents. :slight_smile: It should be something with a max. spending amount of €10.

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Won’t be there but I like the idea! Maybe we could extend it to the whole group if people are up for that?

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All up for potluck and secret santa :slight_smile: