In context of Open Data / Code for All

I just noticed Measuring Amsterdam which lists CitySDK as one of partners… Someone I met through Ninux mentioned working on CitySDK at some point in the past. I also see Waag Society among CitySDK partners, and recall them participating in Code for Europe program. Thinking about possibility of starting Code for All brigade in Matera I would like to gather more information about projects already working in that field. @Alberto, @simonecortesi@piersoft, @napo I guess you all may have good overview in this field?

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Beware the smart city

Ah, @elf Pavlik, that of smart city is quite a dangerous concept. There’s lots of stuff out there, not all of it good. I like smart cities of type 2; bicycle workshops instead of electric cars, and citizen-owned and -run federated city sensing instead of integrated arrays of sensors. The OpenStreetMap crowd is a great example of what I have in mind.

What would you like to do?

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@alberto, Last time I checked with the developers (october 2013), they were mainly focusing on mixing/merging data from different sources. Their product, as of today, is similar to a geographical query system where you ask questions such as: “train stations close to these coordinates”.


@elf Pavlik please read Adam Greenfield’s Against the Smart City before investing to much cognitive energy in such a project :-)

I am totally against this.

The surveillance and invasion of privacy is bad enough as it is, I won’t go anywhere near this.

Waag Society next week in unMonastery:Matera

LOL :wink:

Just found out about this event next week:

Maybe we’ll get chance to tell them in person how silly we find all their work around #SmartCities :wink:

BTW I haven’t even used Smart City term in my original post… still thank you all for the feedback! Bit surprised about what seemed like big dose of negativity while this comment got some positive feedback :S

Measuring/sensors/type 1 smart city

You are right @elf Pavlik. Sorry if it seemed like an attack. You, of all people, are beyond suspicion. But the Measuring Amsterdam project does mention “smart city” up front, and it does so in a way that strongly smells of vendor-driven smart cities.

Mobile Guide

@katalin maybe CitySDK work in field of tourism would come handy for your unGuide project? I also just showed it to @Lucia who turns out also works on some relevant #Smart #BottomUp projects :slight_smile:

Bruce Sterling - Smart City States

relevant talk from Fab10