Clarity about the distribution of apartment sizes

Hi @reef-exploring and @reef-associate members !

As you all know, there have been ongoing recent discussions about the distribution of apartment sizes in the Reef. The reason for this is that the communes of Brussels require that cohousing projects such as ours have an even distribution of 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom units.

Having spoken to most of you individually recently, we believe that we are currently at the right amount of 2-bedroom apartments, including the requirements of current new members. Which is why the next presentation will be aimed at those requiring a studio or 1-bedroom apartment, or a 3- or more bedroom apartment.

However, we are still in the process of gaining clarity on a couple of important points that may impact this. The first is the number of apartments we will be able to build at Jette; we know the approximate number, but will need to further communicate with the architects to establish the exact number. And the second concerns our communication with the commune. We know that we need to have an even distribution, but we do not yet know how much leeway, or flexibility, we have regarding that distribution.

Which is the purpose of this post. As I hope is clear by now, we are very committed to honesty and transparency at the Reef, and it feels necessary to be as clear with you as possible about the current situation. Having said that, as mentioned above, we are confident that our numbers look good at this stage of the process :slight_smile: