Cli Fi Smart Cities

Looks super interesting and very relevant all around… @hugi @alberto



My dissertation is titled “Making Space for the Future” — these questions of imagining the future with our cities are at its heart. Very interested in this kind of imaginative spatial work, particularly with SF involved.

We could submit to the conference:

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I’m in!

But hopefully, when they write

en français et en anglais

They mean in French or English!

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Hehe. I can do it in French but it won’t be pretty :wink:

At a minimum it means extra effort of translating the application. Also, not inclusive if you are thinking of a SF-ECON application… how’s your French, @yudhanjaya?

1500 characters is only like 250 words, so it’s not a huge deal to translate it.

Terrible, I’m afraid. I only took it in school because the teacher was very attractive. Forgot it almost immediately after.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Hi, @amelia your dissertation seems very intriguing, any chance to have a look at it (or an abstract perhaps)?

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Definitely! I can send you a 5-10 page summary if you’d like :slight_smile:

Yes, please, I’d like to have a read at it!

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Just to follow-up: did we submit to this? Or are there other places we should be targeting?

Will send to your email :slight_smile:

Can I get one too?

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Could we get a proposal together for this tomorrow? Actual submissions not for a bit, just need a proposal describing the project:

@yudhanjaya @alberto @hugi


How about we just turn in a summary of the History of Witness article and pitch our proposal as a whole?

Sounds good to me! Do we have a pitch written up somewhere?

Not that I’m aware of. Closest thing is the video made by Joriam… I may still have my text for that, actually.

Actually they just want two 300 word answers on the form:

  1. Short Abstract/Pitch (What’s the story about?)- 300 words max *

  2. Please explain how your proposed story speaks to the questions/themes of the exhibition (300 words max) *

Are one of you able to curate what you have to answer those questions? We could provide a link to the Wiki.