Closed accounts 2022, tax return 2022 and GA to approve them

This post concerns the approval of the final accounts for 2022, and the tax return we owe to the Belgian state. Full members have the right and duty to approve them; everyone has the right to see the numbers for transparency.

@reef-full, please read carefully and follow the instructions.


In 2022, the ASBL’s revenues derived from full membership fees; annual membership dues (from all members, both associate and full); and from some contributions to the activities. For example, The Reef buys a course, but then Reeflings contribute by paying the association back.

The ASBL’s costs derive from our activities: meetings, courses and trainings, organizing presentations etc. The largest cost items are associated with trainings and with paying our coach (consultancy).

Costs were entirely covered by the annual membership dues and the contribution of the members to the activities. The full membership fees were set aside to pay for feasibility studies, of which, however, we did not do any in 2022.

In sum, we were a healthy little ASBL. Good on us!

Tax return

We do not have to pay any taxes. The Reef (like any ASBL) is subject to the impôt des personnes morales, but none of our revenues are imposable. Here is a draft of the declaration, which is blank.

Sign the GA’s minutes to approve the accounts

However, we do have to attach to our tax declaration the profit and loss table (see above) and the minutes of the GA with which we approve the accounts. @reef-full, I have sent you via SignRequest the minutes of a GA dated today for digital signature. The minutes only say “we approve the accounts”. Please look at the accounts, ask any questions that you might have, then open the email from SignRequest and follow the instructions therein to sign digitally. This needs to be done by the end of September, so I have time to submit the declaration. I would appreciate not having to chase you. :slight_smile:

@Sophie_B , you also need to sign the minutes of the previous GA. Please look in your spam folder for “signrequest”.


Sorry, @alberto, I can’t find the previous request - can you resend it please?

Thank you, Alberto. Very clear. Received & signed.

I don’t seem to be able to do it without cancelling the whole thing. I supposed you looked into the spam folder? It was sent on 9/9 at 14:36.

I am afraid I tidied up my mailboy recently so I must have deleted it - very sorry…

OK, no worries. We’ll live.

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Oh, maybe I succeeded after all. Can you check?

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Thank you all. The tax return is now submitted.

We now cross our fingers, because we were supposed to submit tax returns for the two periods when The Reef was inactive, 2020 and 2021, but we did not. Hopefully we will not be fined.