Co-Living and Co-Working together in Basilicata / Italy

What I am going to tell you is about my personal experience. It has been 4 years now that I design collaborative spaces for people that want to work together. I don’t call them Co-working, because in my opionion co-working it doesn’t mean to collaborate but just to share a space. That’s the reason because as an architect I design the office and in the while I facilitate the process in order to get the people involved and create a sense of identity and community. I am from Italy, the north,  and one month ago I moved to South Italy, precisely Matera in BAsilicata. All the people asked me the reason of this choice because it represents an offbeat path. Normally young people from Matera go to big cities for university and once they complete their studies they continue to live outside the region. I think this is a great opportunity to me, to live here, in MAtera, because I can share my experience with the locals, to inspire one another and to give them an alternative living model. That’s the reason beacuse I have been thinking about opening my house and create a co-living (inviting people from outside the region in order to maximise the sharing) and at the same time create a collaborative space where I can share the space, time, experience and tools with others, minimizing the financial part (we share expenses) and maximising the value and the oppurtunities that together we can build up.

And how is it proceeding?

Andrea, this is really an unusual and courageous move. Can we have MANY more details? How is it working out for you? Have you found a home, and people to live with? How do you imagine this more socialized life?

Welcome back!

Hi Andrea, just wanted to welcome you back on Edgeryders, and thanks for the update, I remember very well your first mission and outstanding ambition to work on your own projects… Like Alberto, looking forward to hearing more… like how do you reach out to potential house mates? are they people you know…?

Rumor has it you’re facilitating a session at the conference on Living together, with <a href=“”>Jorge</a>. Let us know how can we help, maybe recommending stories in the community… a lot of great content since November!