Co operations for June conference .part1

Save the date: June 15th!  Not one community meetup (Living on the Edge conference at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg), but a whole bunch of synchronized meetups across Europe, organized by our friends, active Edgeryders and collaborators at Kfé Innovación !

Kfé Innovación has been around for a year now, and has gone from individual chats with so-called “experts” to talk about web 2.0 and innovation with people who may or may not be involved with them, to the current simultaneous, all-around the world face-to-face meetings of 20 people per venue to discuss a subject related to social issues and innovation. Up to now there have been #5 Kfé set of events. Get ready for #kfe06!! This 24 hours long kfé innovación is going to take place any time within the day, same date as Edgeryders’ conference: June 15th. We would like to invite you (especially if you won’t be present in Strasbourg) to join both communities by setting up a kfé - Edgeryders venue in your town and discuss around topics related to youth transition, same as Edgeryders campaigns.  Anyone can set up a Kfé, anywhere in the world. All you need is a twitter account, a venue with facilities to host participants and up to two assistants  for the communication of the session. Interested? Our friends have created a kfé community page on facebook to help coordinate venues and offer assistance to anyone interested. For more practical information and registration of a Kfé 06 check here (in Spanish) or twitter follow #kfe06 edgeryders #15JUN. Thank you @pdavenne @eraser @MargaOjeda and everyone at @kfeinnovacion for building up this thing and honoring EdgeRyders everywhere! Partner with us? Send us your idea or how you see this collaboration at and let’s create a powerful conference :slight_smile: