Co operations for June conference .part2

Save the date: June 15th!  Several initiatives are cooperating in order to achieve the best of our Edgeryders final meetup: Living on the Edge conference at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg!

Junior Achievement Italia is the Italian branch of a worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the young and the very young to navigating economic matters. It started in 1919 (!) in the USA and at the moment it is spread in 123 countries around the world. Thanks to the synergy with corporations, foundations, institutions and business professionals, they can: offer economics, entrepreneurship and personal finance lessons to children and teenagers between 6 to 19 y.o, collaborate with the public schools around Italy and convert the experience and knowledge of businesses into valuable resources for growth. We are happy to have them on board and have the two communities meet.

Partner with Edgeryders? Our brotherhood keeps growing, and there are some excellent people and organizations collaborating, whose members will join us in June to help build the future of youth. Interested? We’d love to hear from you, send us your thoughts at and let’s do great things together :slight_smile: