Coarchi info session on Volta XL

Just for the sake of record keeping, here’s a very short summary of the info session about Coarchi’s project “Volta XL” in Ixelles that @Sabine_B_Frank and I attended on 23 October.

Most of the information can be found on the website: VOLTA XL | Projets | Coarchi

Key points:

  • +/- 30 units with 1-4 bedrooms

  • 550 m² of common space

  • Price of a fully finished apartement: 3800-4600 euro per m² (common spaces included)

  • No social housing

  • 4000 m² of other spaces for rent - current candidates include a climbing gym, a group of girl scouts etc

  • Selection of inhabitants will happen between now and January 2022. Interested candidates will be invited to go on a weekend together.

  • Future inhabitants will get a say about which common spaces will be foreseen etc

  • Finalisation of the works is foreseen for 2024

Overall my personal impression is that this seems like an excellent project for people who would like to trade off ownership and price for convenience.

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Update on the price: today I learned that there is undifferentiated price of 4400 euro per m² + 15% VAT + notary costs.