Coders wanted for crowdacting

We are a collective in Barcelona working to build a platform for crowdacting. It is the first in a series of 7 platforms, tools, or strategies we would like to see built for the creation of a sharing society.

Anyone who can code, ideally (python and html5) and feels inspired, please get in touch, we are a cooperative nonprofit that is taking on new members. we also might have some work for people who know php and wordpress or drupal.

Brian Russell

founding member of and crowdacting barcelona. more info:

+34 644049688

Welcome here … maybe make it clearer if it’s a paid job?

Welcome @brinerustle ! I just took the admin freedom to embed the video you had linked to in your post above. One thing that stays unclear though: is this a paid job? It’s ok to post here regardless, but if it’s paid, you may attract more interest :wink: Because Edgeryders folks tend to be busy with own ideas and projects but open to paid jobs when they come around (most of us have bills to pay).

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yes, we pay

yes it is paid work.

i can help you

Hi Brian,

maybe I can help ypu with the wordpress. I work freelance as an information designer, I also design infographics and animated videos for complex issues. Feel free to get in touch when you need me. Some of my work can be found here:



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