Coding Topic Titles

Dear all,

A quick and perhaps a silly question, but is there any reason why in the “coding view” it is not possible to code the thread name?

Sometimes the threads have really vivid names or introduce fun (in-vivo) codes. Would it be possible to have a conversation about introducing that as a possibility for the ethnographers?

Apologies if you had already discussed this earlier and its not possible or I am behind on things.



Agreed! If there is a way to do that, it would be great!

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Anything like this should be public not in a private message! Please post on platform (and tag Matthias if it is a UX thing) thanks :slight_smile:

I just converted this to a public topic already. Nothing private in here, so I’m pretty sure nobody’s against it …

About the actual proposal:

Not any strong reason, no. It’s just that the topic title is not a Discourse “post”, so storing annotations about it is somewhat different, causing extra effort for the software developer. That’s the only reason we left it out so far.

But it’s a reasonable proposal for the future. I’ll add it to our list of planned features on Github. Not sure when we’ll have the time (and budget) to do it, but we’ll get it done eventually. Just don’t expect it in the next weeks or something :slight_smile:

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Hi Matthias,

Thanks for the kind and quick response as well as opening up the conversation. It is always interesting to see when the codes we find coinciding on the platform (like “foss” and “funding”) also come up in our own conversations about the edgeryder platform :wink:

Kind regards,


Let me add another ask to this list: would it be possible to ensure that any one sentence can contain more than 2 codes? Currently, this is often not possible.

You mean adding more than two annotations to the same text selection? Yes, we know that bug. See that link for a possible workaround for the time being.

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Many thanks!

For reference, the feature request for annotating topic titles is tracked in this Github issue now:

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I found another trick to get around this! Once you have coded the text selection (which is normally restricted to two or three annotations per selection), you can add more annotations by double-clicking right before you highlight the selected text again. So, double click and then drag over the selected text. I have been able to add multiple annotations this way!


If you haven’t noticed already: coding topic titles is now possible in Open Ethnographer (means, the issue was resolved).


Thanks @matthias for making it happen and letting us know!