Coffee & food for thought before going away for holidays

This is an invitation to a community call this Friday morning at 11:00 Romania time/ 10 AM CET, open to everyone and anyone. It’s informal, we’ll simply hang out over coffee and skype.

I’d like to take the opportunity to debrief whoever is interested about Futurespotters pilot in Bucharest and catch up on what people are busy with. Ideally we’d each talk about work/projects we are involved in starting end of August/ September and what help we need from the community. Right now a lot of info is spread on facebook (eg @mgax’s hackathon end of August, or @Iuliana_Dumitru’s house cleaning mobilization) and it’s a pity because none of us can follow everything, so better do a round and make sure we all have a chance to get involved? Then we can send all info packaged in one call to action.

Anything you want to bring up or put on the “agenda”? Put it in a comment below.

To join the call add edgeryders in your skype contacts and I’ll call everyone at 11 sharp (10 for Western Europeans).

See ya’ll soon.

Date: 2015-07-31 08:00:00 - 2015-07-31 08:00:00, Europe/Bucharest Time.


I’d like to join

I’d love to hear what’s been going on in Bucharest (besides the awesome posts I’ve been following of course). Probably will be able to make it!


I swear that I meant bucharest! I blame it on just being awake after a crazy night wit a feverish 3 month old baby. :slight_smile:

(though I must admit I had a horrible time confusing Latvia and Estonia name-wise as well. Maybe I just have a weird brain).

Hope you accept my apologies… It must be tiring…

No worries

To get an idea of what Budapest-Bucharest confusions led to… here is a simple google search results page.

I’m glad you’ll be joining because I think it would be very useful if you could talk a little about Futurespotters in Tbilisi and what you did in the year following our project there, how you organise to get things done and support each other. This is more or less what we’ll be facing here at least for the following months. Any advice will be appreciated.

I know :slight_smile:

I was on a date with a guy in New York once, who asked me if we ride bicycles in Denmark. I’m from the Netherlands. So, although it doesnt happen a lot to me, I know how completely ignorant it is :).

But yes, glad to share tomorrow! I’ll be online!

Notes from call

there’s also a recording of it, ping if interested in having it.