Cohousing visits in Lille 23-24/09

Hi there @reeflings !

I came accross the Journées Portes Ouvertes of Habitat Participatif France. There are 2 days of visits in Lille, with 6 cohousing presented, on the 23rd and 24th of September.

At least one of them is an inclusive cohousing, I didn"t have time to check for the others.
If you want more info, you can check the descriptions on the HPeN website.

Anybody would be interested to go?? It could also be a nice pretext for a city trip…

I am not 100% sure yet that we would be going, but I thought I would share anyway :slight_smile:

I am now going back to my hollidays, and will be checking in again after the 21st, but you can start posting if you are interested!


Victor and I would like to join :slight_smile: let us know how to arrange. Maybe we can rent a Cambio car together?

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But there might be the training day that weekend in the end, so let’s wait and see before we go ahead :slight_smile:

Hi @reeflings !

Reigniting this discussion as the training day won’t happen that weekend… Sorry for the kinda last minute, this had slipped out of my priority list…
Here is a little poll to see who would be interested for all or part of the visits!

  • I would like to join on the 23rd and 24th
  • I would like to join on the 23rd
  • I would like to join on the 24th

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thank you for organising this. looks like a nice plan but unfortunately we are not so free to move that weekend,

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I would have loved to join for the inclusive one, but I need to spare my energy a bit these days :unamused:


Seb and I will stay in Brussels this WE sorry

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Also no go, I am scheduled for a visit to my family.

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