CollabCamp in Amsterdam 4th - 8th October at Knowmads School

Few Edgeryders are going to co-create and participate in the event in Amsterdam, where we’d like to invite the broader edgeryders community!

it’s obviously free and open

it will happen at  the Knowmads school , from 4th till 8th of October

here are some of the general aims of the event :

Creating an environment of sharing responsibility in cities between non-profits, governments, entrepreneurs and citizens by collaboration between different stakeholders.

Gaining momentum for collaboration, commons and sharing.

Gaining momentum for social entrepreneurship.

Bringing people together for networking

Bridging different environments.

Brainstorming together.

Finding solutions.

Promoting social innovations.

We will create a well prepared ‘hackathon’ event that integrates visionaries and makers.

If you are around in Amsterdam these days, join us there !

You are welcome !

Date: 2014-10-03 23:00:00 - 2014-10-07 23:00:00, Europe/Lisbon Time.

pre-lote meetup

We can also make a little pre-lote meetup as it’s becoming a tradition in Berlin : )

so we could also engage more edgeryders from Amsterdam


also we are making a social media experiment

we invite all related community pages to be a co-host of the event

( its on facebook but that’s what we have at the moment … )

do you think the edgeryders would like to join this experiment and become a co-host of the facebook event ? we have 17 hosts already including Shareable, MakeSense, OuiShare … Collaboration Lab Camp Amsterdam 2014

: )

what do you think @Noemi , @Alberto , and everyone ?

Thanks for sharing…

Will surely give this a shout out :slight_smile:

I guess so, but what’s a co-host, what would we need doing?

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Raising awareness on civic innovation in Matera?

@Dorotea, can we think of this as an event in which you raise the awareness on civic innovation we are doing in Matera? Because if so, we might be able to support your trip to Amsterdam. See here: Edgeryders partners up with Comitato Matera 2019 to create a Civic Innovation Network – and offers support to participate in conferences - unMonastery - Edgeryders

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multiple co-hosts is an idea I thought of as an experiment and a statement of

*promoting collaboration ( between individuals, organisations and communities )

*offering support to the collaborative event,

*and helping to spread the word :slight_smile:

( we can maybe prepare a post and a tweet about it to share on edgeryders channels )

other than that nothing more to do is required :slight_smile:

I would definitely like to promote raising awareness on civic innovation in Matera, I was thinking of it as a kind of pre-Lote event, involving more people to share their stewardship experiences

the framework of the event is as an unConference but I was thinking of giving more attention to Lote and Stewardship, making a session/barCamp about it, and discussing case studies, as we did it here in Berlin :slight_smile:

I think we were quite successful in engaging local edgeryders into researching on different case studies here in Berlin, it seems like today we’ll have another Berlin Stewardship interview, and hopefully we can create an interesting session input about it at Lote

Go for it!

Mention Matera and civic innovation done there, including LOTE4 and the unMonastery (but also CoderDojo, open data etc.). If you need slides, let me know. Try to tweet using lote4 and mt2019. When you are done, write a post in the Civic Innovation Network group; add any slides you might have used, or pictures, or any media you might have. Video would be ideal.

The post functions as deliverable. This is a good example. Good luck, and thanks!