Collaborate to make online learning materials

Wikipedia turned out to be an incredibly cost effective way to share knowledge. So let’s do it again – for learning.

See Socially Responsible Learning

Now we can build a similar searchable, crowd sourced system for sharing learning. This open, collaborative project aims to “recycle” learning by having students create online learning materials. Instead of doing an assignment for a teacher, having that work graded and then tossed in the bin (as trash or “waste”), work can be submitted to the online public as free, open education resources – like Wikipedia, but for learning.

See The Peer Learning Handbook

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Where do you think would be a good place to start. Something concrete and small that could serve as a first step for those who want to help but are stretched thin for time?

Using google apps as a platform

Hi John,

This was a hard one, it was about ten minutes into the slides that I understood what’s it about, very roughly.

Thanks for posting this and happy to have you over, would you care to develop on the background story? Congrats for building the community of almost 2000 members, it seems quite active, I went in didn’t know what I can choose from, so I ended up watching a recording of a hangout with teachers using google apps as a dashboard and tool to work with their students. thought it was interesting, it was like mainstreaming the edge :slight_smile:

Is there a repository of most or all learning materials? an index by topic or something?