Collaborathon listening triad - response by euge

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Eugenio Battaglia

What is the person who is speaking saying? Please try to write every word – sometimes a single word can unlock a lot of thoughts!

I learned before jumping into solutions, you can make even another step back, and this can allow you to approach anything you are doing from another perspective.
I learnet there are many approaches to desging games and theword game is not what i thought and it can be very broad and having differetn medias and context and design pricnipiles and ifferent purposes. There a semantic stretch of the word “game” in my mind that is very interesting. Many inspirations and many people doing interesting stuff.

Where does it go from here? How do you want to continue? What are you curious to explore next?

I’m going to follow up on a session that we have done, the dimensions of choises. We are going to publich at least one long read, and we decided to meet every two weeks. I’m going to lunch another company with Vanessa and I want to checkout with BAM from Bruno. And i will follow up with Gaston, with his method, simple yet powerful, can scale without the overhead of push marketing and guru sect approach. And I left with this question about how to make a cult that is not a cult.

name: euge

ah this was written by otto <3 :slight_smile: I shall perhaps at least correct the grammar one day