Collaborathon listening triad - response by Freyma

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Freyma, no

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There is an space-project happening in Berlin called ComINunion that aims to open and establish a culture of just being together again. There is no need to do anything there and still it is an open space and anything that the people who join would like to share, be and experience, can happen. It is meant to be rather an encounter than “another event” (there are soooo many), taking place on a regular basis (2 a month) in a closed group of people who pay a “membership”.

During the exchange the idea of an incubator for ones own being comes up. Yes, ComINunion could be an incubator of being and becoming ones best version of oneself - to love oneself and enjoy others and diversity.

Beyond the monthly meetings offline, there is a closed online group on facebook where the members can meet, share, ask for support, bringing a soup when one is sick. It is really about a feeling of belonging and sharing, whilst providing an open space and freedom.
There is no fix programme of the happenings, yet fix programmes can be set from time to time depending on what we want do experience/share/create/do/be.

The membership is good and important for

  • the valuation of the “community manager” and her energy and work and time and dedication
  • paying the spaces
  • calling upon comittment and the decision “yes, I really want to be a part of this group”

The group is closed which allows a certain flow of intimacy and yet it opens every 3 months to new members.

The comittment is also in terms of 3 months which means that after 3 months a person can leave.

It is a prototype…3.0 of “such encounters” that Freyma does initiate and facilitates.

It is actually only going to happen with at least 12 people and max 22 in a run of one year… and then we will see :slight_smile:

Freyma envisions it as a possibility of a means for a “new” culture of community in an urban setting.
Actually everything is there already… just the how of the creation of the space and its set, regular meetings, and that there is no one guru and no one idea is different. ComINunion is lived diversity.

The question arises of how to reach enough people.

Where does it go from here? How do you want to continue? What are you curious to explore next?

The first encounter happened. Two more for 2019 are in the line and in 2020 we actually start - regularly and focussed.

The idea comes up to make a video and explain the space of ComINunion

I am curious to explore how it is going to dismantle and what time and process will show to us.

I am curious if there is anything similiar happening somewhere on this sweet earth

name: Freyma


this sounds super interesting! We would love to hear more from Freyma and ComlNunion! Your definition of community management and what that entails would also be very interesting.

Hi Maria :blush:

I’ll happily keep you updated!!

And in terms of my definition of community management: well, I believe in organic growth, but not chaotic, rather into designed frames that are still flexible, like in nature.
I by the way am a big fan of Social Permaculture … you might want to check that out
Let’s see :face_with_monocle:

What is your link/being/engagement with the space of communities dear Maria?

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I am here at Edgeryders to help to facilitate people to connect to interesting discussion and collaboration partners. Effectively doing community management here which grows flexible with the people here :).

@JollyOrc might be a good person for you to connect to :slight_smile:

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