Collective intelligence, at scale

We are the Edgeryders Research Network. We do research with participatory, inclusive methods, to harness the power of collective intelligence.


We are a not-for-profit community-driven research institute. We are incorporated as an Estonian private limited company; maintain offices in Brussels and Stockholm; and operate globally. We use unique community-building tools and research techniques to detect and enhance citizen innovation, in response to key societal, economic, ecological and political challenges.

We aspire to bring the citizenry’s collective intelligence to contribute to a more grounded public policy. Over the years, we have engaged and connected many individuals in an online forum with over 7,000 registered user and 90,000 posts commanding one million pageviews a year. Besides their scientific output, our research projects tend to bring about real-world impact, as they inspire initiatives by the respective communities. We are especially interested in regional economic development, citizen engagement, participatory culture, citizen science, transitions to a low-carbon economy, social innovation and societal resilience.

Semantic Social Networks

We have developed our own, unique methodology, called Semantic social network analysis. It combines ethnographic coding and graph mathematics.


  • Convene large-scale online conversations, with hundreds of participants and thousands of contributions.
  • Perform ethnographic coding directly in-platform, and transform the conversation into structured data.
  • Instantly visualize the associations across ethno codes, and the interaction across participants.
  • Use the power of graphs to make inference about how the conversation’s “collective brain” perceives the issue under discussion.
  • Integrated workflow supported by open source software.
  • GDPR compliance and personal data minimization.
  • Consent funnel for ethically acquiring informed consent to participating in research.

Learn more:

  • Read our 2020 journal paper.
  • Watch the webinar with a “big picture” description of the methodology.
  • See the video below for a 4-minutes intuitive dynamic visualization.



Open Participatory Engagement in Collective Awareness for REdesign of Care Services (ICT-10-2015- CAPSSI).


Populist rebellion against modernity in 21st-century Eastern Europe: neo-traditionalism and neo-feudalism (SC6-GOVERNANCE-2018)

NGI Forward

A consortium of leading organisations in the internet space helping further the Next Generation Internet as the key European entity and space for radical new thinking on the future internet. (ICT-2018-2).



Supporting the transition of the automotive sector towards the Circular Economy (CE-SC5-25-2020).

Be a partner

If you want to add a participatory element to your research project, consider us. We are always interested in meeting high quality potential partners. We offer, and seek, scientific excellence, commitment and work ethics, and deadline compliance. We also see consortia as teams, and like to work in close contact with the principal investigators. Email Ivan Cukerić, research coordinator, at

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