Combating drug use and abuse :a case of mombasa kenya

In relation to what i bring on to the open village festival, i intend to lay out the underlying reasons why we have a lot of youths engaged in drug abuse in africa and its social-economical effects of developing-world countries.

i would to demonistrate the importance strong communities towards combating the drug menace and eventually creating awereness with views eradication of the drug menace.

radicalisation is spreading fast among drug users who are easy targets for terrorist activities in the coastal city of Mombasa.if we are at aposition of curbing the issue at hand, then we will be able to address the global effects of terrorism.which not only affects us in Kenya but now a major issue in Europe, middle east and the USA.

we hope to grow a strong network out of the presentation at the festival so as to broaden our scope of understanding and welcome some experts in social-counseling who may helps in rehabilitating these youth into leading productive lives within the communiting.

approach of presentation

  • the presentation may include brief videos and statistical data to show the scale of damage.
  • group discussions and presentation(which may require representatives of each team presenting their finding to attendees)
  • slides hence i may require :
  1. projector
  2. white board
  3. makers

NOTE : the presentation may take 30-45 minutes

at the festival i hope to learn more on collaboration and experiences in europe which may help us advance our urge to transform our local communities to provition of global solution to our local challenges.