Combining online and real life networking

The importance of live interaction/networking seems to be trending all over the connected world.

I have noticed, while moving around I rely online communication. However, I have got the best of the networking in the real space and time.

Communicating through the Web is supposed to make the networking easier,

and it is a great conversation starter, however most things happen in real life after you take the conversation into the real space and time.

Is it old school?

I guess not. One of the reasons why real live interaction still plays an important role

is that we still have real bodies in real time and space. Our brain works differently and we behave differently while surrounded by others.

So real life communication offers the possibility to process quickly process the information

which is rather compressed or non existent while communicating through the Web.

Would you hire anyone to work for your company over an online application without meeting this person at all unless the work is to be done over the Internet?

Ever tried to make an eye contact while conferencing through Skype?

Cant you tell if the person is following your ideas just by a quick glance at his or her eyes?

Edgeryders can efficiently communicate online, but there is a real life event to come very soon. The most of our shared ideas, conversations, experiences, we are going to get in real time and space. I can bet on it.

Few examples of combining online and real life interaction/communication initiatives:

Please, add more you know any.

Twisting Edgeryders Online and Offline

Hey K,

And guess what? First we’re making friends online, then we deepen the relationship offline BUT with streaming information online while in Strasbourg and with sharing video content after the event, we are doing this online at the same time and share it with all edgeryders who cannot make it to the first conference. Who can defin the boundaries of online and offline networking? Vast opportunities there for all consicous and unconscious edgyryders! How beautiful this is :slight_smile: This is what made me fall in love with web 2.0, the limitless opportunities of networking online and offline, that can happen at the same time with the involvement of many-many other people interested. I have actually signed up for the Making a Living session. So what session are you on K? Why are you coming to the lote in Strasbourg? We actually have a nice page with the tweets from other participants. You can check them out here: Looking forward to meeting you :wink:

That is exactly why I’m going:

because, Web conversation goes nicely with real life event, and usually gives more buzz and more results