Coming to #lote2 or considering it? Make sure you read this!

Hi Everyone, With #lote2 just ONE DAY away there are last minute things we all need to know to meet safe and sound starting Thursday. --------------------------------------------- Registration at the event, in both venues:  You will have to present a valid ID card/ passport. Both the European Parliament and The Egg are equipped with WiFi, for the former you will probably receive a personal password, while the latter is password free. If you would like to join us but haven’t registered yet email: --------------------------------------------- Please be punctual: Security regulations at both the European Parliament and the EGG (they have a different high secruity event going on in parallel with #lote2) dictate that staff members have to collect everyone and get us all past security. Late arrivals are disruptive to the participants who have volunteered to help with this so please be considerate. If you know you will be late already now please reply with your mobile number and time of arrival on the day. --------------------------------------------- Food: Lunch and dinner will be offered free of charge to #lote2 participants throughout the event. Lunch will be served at the respective venues. Dinner will be delivered to L’Usine on 44 Rue Du Doyenne on Thursday, Friday and Saturday where several Edgeryders are staying. On Sunday however dinner will be served at 234 Avenue Du Roi,1190, Brussels, starting 19:00. --------------------------------------------- Coordination: Staying in touch other participants before or during #lote2 using #lote2 for coordination through twitter (you can also follow @edgeryders ). There is also an FB event page that is quite active (you need to be signed in to access both) There is the FB group that Ola set up after #lote in June. It’s pretty active too. And of course there is the Edgeryders platform. --------------------------------------------- Emergency contacts : NOEMI SALANTIU (@NoemiSalanti ): 0040 755 038718 or NADIA EL-IMAM (@Ladyniasan) at 0032 (0) 25881268 (BRUSSELS OFFICE) --------------------------------------------- Agenda for #LOTE2 Thursday - Sunday is now even better and badder with some BIG IDEAS. Get in there and make them even better: We are so looking forward to hanging out, thinking, working and partying with you for a full 4 days! Have a safe trip and see you on Thursday!