Coming to the Festival? Please confirm.

Hello all, this is to confirm who from the consortium is coming.

I know @melancon @markomanka @amelia @matteo @rossana_torri and @jason_vallet are set to come… who else?

Ping @costantino @federico_monaco @luciascopelliti @zoescope @maria @Stef @lucechiodelliub @alessandro_contini @chiarafrr @lakomaa !

Hi @noemi I’ll be there too

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Not @melancon! He can’t make it. :disappointed:

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Hi Noemi
from Milan @matteo and @luciascopelliti are coming.
Unfortunately, I won’t be able to come.

See you all here in Milan!

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Too bad Rossana, I think you would’ve enjoyed it
But good that you told me, will need to update the session description in our materials.

Hello Noemi , I’m very exited to come the festival , I applied to the visa form 10 days ago and waiting the reply form the embassy on 17/10 I hope It come positive then I will be in Brussels next day .

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Understood. No worries, this question was for Opencare project partners.

Fingers xx !!!

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oooh sorry for miss reading =D hii all opencare project. nice to meet you =)

Hi, I can’t do it to be in Brussel in the coming days.
Thanks for asking