Coming to the workshops? Help us plan by answering 5 questions!

If we each take a few minutes to do a few things ahead of each OpenVillage Workshop, we will help to ensure the experience is meaningful and generative for everyone involved! Participants who go the extra mile are more likely to be selected for one of the fellowships.

MORROCO, MARRAKECH - September 16th - Workshop
LEBANON, BEIRUT - September 23rd - Workshop
JORDAN, AMMAN - September 26th - Workshop
TUNISIA, TUNIS - September 30th - Workshop
TUNISIA, MEDENINE - October 3rd - Workshop
BELGIUM, BRUSSELS - October 19th - OpenVillage Festival

Please answer all the following questions in one comment below

  1. Which workshop are you coming to? Tell us the country

  2. Where can we host workshop on a low budget? If you have an idea please suggest a place - tell us the name, address and contact information for the owner/manager. If you can also check the price and availability for the date of the workshop, that would be very helpful!

  3. Where should I stay as a traveller to your city? Can you can host me or give me a suggestion for a clean and comfortable but not expensive place for me to stay while in town?

  4. Which of the following things can you bring with you to the workshop? A Laptop, Extension cords, Printer, Projector or Speaker.

  5. Who would you like to meet at the workshop? We will send out formal invitations to people and organisations that you want an opportunity to interact with or tell about your work. Take the opportunity- tell us who you would like us to invite for you!


Hello friends, I’m writing to you from University of Siegen, Germany where I’ll be spending the next two years as a Research Fellow at Locating Media Graduate School. I’m planning to attend the Open Village Fest in Brussels this October. I would also like to host a workshop at our graduate school here where open source initiatives and innovative projects are most welcome. It would be possible to arrange university guest houses for accommodating the participants here. The interdisciplinary focus of Locating Media, Media Cooperation and Social Informatics departments would also help secure fruitful discussion and outcome. I come from a civil society background during which I worked with a team of digital security experts and digital literacy researchers, so ideas in such fields definitely interest me. My research project here is also focused on digital innovation of developer communities in connection with communities in need, so seems like collaboration is necessary:) I can provide laptop/s, extension cords, projectors and printers to such events from the university. Looking forward to collaboration and ideation with y’all!- Dr. Asli Telli Aydemir

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I’ll be joining u in lebanon’s workshop

I’m not sure about the location but some pubs/cafes could be a good option if we promise to buy drinks and food from them throughout the day.

Imm Nazih is a nice motel in beirut mar mkhail area it’s called : Saifi Gardens
Cheap and nice

I can bring a laptop and a portable speaker

I am looking forward to meet who ever joins and shares the intent of collabrating for a better world.

Looking forward to it.

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Hi Every body :slight_smile:

I will be joining the workshop in Brussels, Belgium.

The city is plenty of cultural places where we can organize the workshop for free or with a very tight budget.

I think that we can use the option of cheap accommodation in or rent rooms in Youth Houses in Brussels. I prefer this option by the way!

I will use my laptop and I will bring bloc-notes, flip charts and pens as well .
I look forward to meeting change makers, scientists, activists and passionately-creative thinkers who want to make a positive change in their communities.

Kindest regards,

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  1. Tunis
  2. Brussels (if I can’t make myself available for Tunis)

@Tunis, they’re plenty of spaces. A few ones :slight_smile:

  • Startup Haus wich is in Tunis Center could be a nice, not expensive and close to many facilities (train, bus, taxi). Cheap alternative could be to rent a villa for a few days.
  • “Cité des Sciences” in the Charguia modern and cheap but a bit far from city center
  • hostels (it helps people coming from far away) like Borj Cedria Hostels or Hammamet. At the end of September, we can get nice discount like 50€ for 1 person for 2 nights (breakfast included).
  • think outside the box: Scout Centre in Borj Cedria,

Hostel or AirBnB are good and cheap enough

my laptop

Clibre, Ubuntu Tunisia or Mozilla Tunisie

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Which workshop are you coming to? Tell us the country


Where can we host workshop on a low budget?
I am not fully aware of the context in Jordan by I think there will be coworking spaces that could open its place for the workshop. In Egypt usually, coworking spaces are open to have collaboration and open its space to similar initiatives.

Where should I stay as a traveller to your city?
In Egypt I can host one traveller.
In Amman i will be there in a work mission so the accomodation provided for me only.

Which of the following things can you bring with you to the workshop? A Laptop

Who would you like to meet at the workshop?
I would like to meet all who will join :slight_smile:

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@zmorda did you see this?

1-BELGIUM, BRUSSELS - October 19th - OpenVillage Festival
2-No idea
3-yes of course i will be happy to host you and help you :blush:
4- laptop , speaker , Extension cords
5-some youth organizations in our country

Hi @AchrefChibani nice to meet you! I am working with Nadia and the rest to organise these events: you are not based in Brussels, are you? I didnt understand this from your story about Tataouine…
Anyway, I saw that in the end it’s easiest if you join the workshop in Tunisia, right?

Hi @noemi, you are right I am living in Tunisia but I have a valid visa to Belgium.Thus, I am ready to join the workshop either in Tunis or Brussels.Thank you for your collaboration.

1- Egypt ( Alexandria ) & BRUSSELS ( I’m trying to manage it )
2 - how about a resort on the sea coast or beach ?
3- there are chalets & apartments on the northern coast here in Egypt near Alexandria , it costs about 35 € & it’ could take more than 4 members

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/5/56e703cc485436eaace335cedf56d1c15268e444.jpeg" width=“388” height=“690”>

4- my laptop
5- Social leaders team in Alexandria University as I was a member in that team & they do great work

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أستطيع أن اساعدك التنظيم والتحضير لورشة العمل لكن ماهو موضوع ورشة العمل؟

أما بنسبه للنزلاء هل تفضلون الأماكن الجبلية ام في المدينة أو الصحراء
استطيع ان احصل على خصومات عالية لكثير من فنادق والمزارع والشقق الموجوده في الاردن

  1. Lebanon and Brussels
  2. Dar Bistro, Hamra - Lebanon.
    Dawawine, Gemmayze - Lebanon.
    Imm Nazih, Mar Mekhael - Lebanon.
  3. Saifi Gardens, Mar Mekhael - Lebanon
    The grand Meshmosh Hotel, Sursock - Lebanon
    Hostel Beirut, Mar Mekhael - Lebanon
  4. Laptop, extension cords, speaker
  5. A web series distributor from Arte, BBC, or Canal plus.
    Someone who seek to fund positive, artistic project.
    Maybe someone responsible of cultural funds and support from the EU, or different embassies.
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1-BELGIUM, BRUSSELS - October 19th - Open Village Festival or Tunis

2-there is many co working spaces are open to have collaboration and open its space to similar initiatives.

3-in Egypt i have wide arranged place so i can host and arrange hosts for 10 persons .

4-A Laptop and, Printer.

5- some leaders with various backgrounds .

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