Common CAPS project in 2018

Led by Edgeryders

Donor: European Commission, DG  CNECT

Edgeryders succeeded in securing a large EU-funded research project ( under the CAPS program. A new call is out as of October 2016, with deadline April 25th 2017. We attempt to leverage Edgeryders’ earlier breakthrough and relative success so far to secure a second project.

CAPS is a DG CNECT programme. Its output is advancement of scientific knowledge and new tech in the area of collective intelligence. With OpenCare, we build software for analysis and synthetic representation of large-scale online conversation. We also promised a how-to for running offline “plugins” to online conversation. The new project should build on that. It could focus on action rather than analysis. That is, how to engender computer-mediated human interaction in such a way that common action results.

EU research projects need consortia. An ideal CAPS consortium has at least one prestigious university, one large-ish private firm, one SME and one or more community partners. Tentatively:

  1. University of Bordeaux, FR (Guy Melançon), coordinator.
  2. Edgeryders II, EE
  3. Las Indias, ES,
  4. (SWE)?
  5. CERN (CH?)
  6. ?

Role of Edgeryders: scientific co-leadership. Adoption of the tech produced. Community partner.

Role of Las Indias: Adoption of the tech produced. Community partner. Others?