Common Space

Some of the questions written down:

How do  we improve mass economic knowledge amongst the 99% in a continent that is divided by language and connectivity; how/who is going to build the unMonastery in SA; how do we create more physical space for real interaction (not malls); how do we build a space like edgeryders when connectivity is so bad; how do we find and get access to the “right/appropriate” resources in the right spaces; how do create shared spaces; how do we create without destroying; collaborative space; how do engage with the local.

There was a very broad discussion about space and how we use current space, or how we missuse or don’t use it all. Spaces are often contested and what is public and what is not, or rather what are no-go areas for the public is all too often linked to captial and the commercial. The spaces  that are branded and commercialised are safe and the unsafe places are all the rest of the places.