Communication Drumbeat: From here till we win


1. Localise the description of your event on the FB page:

LOCALIZE the topic of special focus for the workshop and make sure all content posted on it is relevant to focus topic. MAKE SURE THE TEXT ON THE FB PAGE IS IN YOUR LANGUAGE please.

2. TRANSLATE THIS STATUS UPDATE  into your own language and SHARE ON FB:

Edgeryders, a global action network of change makers in 40 + countries, is organising a joint application to the MacArthur foundation’s 100 Million Dollar grant and invites you to participate.

This collaborative process was started on the morning of July 18, 2016. Its original intent was to fundraise to support 100 initiatives that contribute towards providing high-quality, affordable health- and social care for all.

We know first-hand that it’s difficult for small initiatives to access sufficient resources alone. Especially if they are breaking new ground. Our hope with this initiative is to make it easier for people to start deeper collaborations, build collective awareness, and pool resources towards achieving impact at scale.

Between now and October 2, are visiting different countries to convene participants in our joint bid for the 100 million USD grant. Each event is hosted by a local initiative which resonates with our own ethos and approach:

September 16, Berlin:

September 24, Brussels:

September 25, Paris:

October 2, New York:

Have a look at the proposal, complete the application (very easy- requires 2 hours of your time in total) and come meet us at one of the events.

We’re very much looking forward to traveling this road with you!

The draft proposal is being built here:

The application process is available here:

openandchange opencare 100andchange

3. Reach out to specific well-connected people and ask them to help:

I just hit the “share” button on the status update i made, and choose the “share in a separate message” option:

4. Translate the headlines for the best stories and frontload buffer

The success of this initiative will depend to some extent how visible and active we make the conversation. And how many people discover the beautiful projects people are working on, and start talking to one another on the platform. So our aim is to

  • Translate the headlines for the main stories into the local languages (and some other ones)
  • Craft individual calls for participation i.e. do this please - you will get that in return. We have aggregated them in the Social Contract: now we need to break them down into individual calls for action instead of all together in one document.
  • Daily: Share three headlines in your language every day between now and when we the jury announces the winner.
  • Daily: Share 3 calls for participation out on the FB event page and twitter. .
  • Daily: welcome new sign ups and participants on twitter and FB