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What are we offering

A solution to easily and affordably inspire and educate all your stakeholders to do asynchronous & remote work well thereby saving you and your organisation loss of money/time/energy, lowering risk of burnout. Without having to deal with potential social/political discomfort of trying to change working culture or point out errors in people’s behaviour.

Problems we are solving

Describe clear and recognisable case examples of problems well so the potential customers can connect with it better and map out how our solution fixes it and the expected results for:

  1. Remote on-boarding
  2. Burnout

What exactly are the products & services and how users will use it?

A set of educational resources to introduce people to the right mindset and help them develop the necessary skills for effective asynchronous, remote and distributed work to fix long standing problems that predated the current situation and will continue to cause loss of time, money and energy…and contributing to causing burnout. We use covid as a pretext to get the ball rolling in distribution of these materials.

The sub products

  • BOOK: Motivation. Introduces people into the right mindset and builds common language around problems and solutions. An easy-to-read book that has short chapters with practical takeaways on topics like:* Why distributed teams are good for business, diversity, employee retention, society and the environment. * How to run efficient video calls and meetings while dealing with lots of email and group chat.* How to handle complex interpersonal topics such as hiring, onboarding, firing, one-on-ones, reviews, trust and group culture. Drawn from 26+ years working in distributed organizations, this book gathers what did–and did not–work from our own hard-learned lessons, as well as learnings sourced from our community of 6000 people working in 80 countries in a wide range of sectors and different roles and levels of seniority. Result: People become motivated to change behaviours and a framework for how to go about doing it. Cost: 20 Eur per e-book (Kindle) / 19 Eur per paperback.

  • MOOC: Skill Discovery and Development. Introduces people to the key (new/next generation) workflows and (new) competences required to make the necessary changes. able to do them well and offers pedagogical step by step online course to help them develop those skills. Contents of discussions/input from diversity of participants in our international online community and participants discussions in our online events goes into shaping the mooc so it is relevant to anyone. Cost:

    • Expert instruction: X skill-building courses
    • Self-paced: Progress at your own speed
    • 6 months: 3 - 4 hours per week
    • Price: €222 per person (for full program experience)
  • MANUAL: Tools and Resources. This is a continuously updated, reference bible where you see extensive checklist of things that need to be in place - as well as tried and tested examples for how to do them (e.g list of recommended tools and methods. This is not for reading cover to cover, rather it’s like an an encyclopedia - search and find. Subscription: Access the living online document that is continuously upated. Purcase: One edition (Kindle/Paperback) (annually updated). Cost: 250 Eur / Copy or 10 Eur/month.

  • SUPPORT FORUM: An online place accessible on subscription basis where you can ask freelance consultants to help answer small and large questions at low cost and administrative overhead. Subcription: 10 Eur/month basic access + Purchase of Consultancy packages ( Pro, Premium, Enterprise).

Flow between basic subproducts

BOOK —> MANUAL (that you don’t read
We recommend the three steps.

Fundraising Strategy

How are we going to present it? Crowdfunded infrastructure.

We make clear that it is much needed common infrastructure that needs to be crowdfunded to exist. And that contributors get different perks depending on how much they contributed. We ask participants to make a contribution and convince their organisation to make a contribution. And we have a page where they can do it directly.

We do a presentation/ mini webinar on next generation practices for distributed teams and organisations (presenting results of a big research project that we did last year). And we will present/launch the crowdfunding campaign to get precommitments from crowdfunders

The first such event takes place on Monday 30/11 and you can find the slides here

We are also getting up a crowdfunding campaign page in time for the event.

Perks That people get as thank you for their contributions to the crowdfunding

The simplest is BOOK, MANUAL, AUDIT, MOOC. However we have also developed a more sophisticated list of possible perks, some we can do fairly others require more work, time and money.

This is the full list, but is is not presented in order of price/contribution needed to access each perk):

  1. Measure what matters: Audits & Quality assurance. Book Sprint,
    Survey, Self-Evaluation. Recommendations…We also propose modern
    approaches to continuously design and run tests for stable, sustainable
    remote work systems
  2. Design of teleworking policies, and policies for teleworking. Book
    Sprint, Survey, Self-Evaluation. Recommendation
  3. User Friendly Workflows & Tools: Applying human-centered design
    to guide you on how to better use the tools you have. As well as on you
    improve or set up processes for smooth and efficient remote
  4. Training to be able to do distributed/remote working well: Hiring,
    management, firing
  5. Online course on the essentials of distributed work and collaboration.
    Workshops. Manuals. Customised training programs.
  6. Online Event Design & Facilitation: From meetings to large
    international conferences, done-well online events can.
  7. DevOps & Support: Establishing culture, technologies, and practices
    that drive continuous improvement. Providing empathetic support and
    applying staff feedback to make remote work within your organisation
  8. Innovation Lab for Next Generation Work & Management
    practices: Doing the things that are new — Participatory culture
    processes, tools and skill development
  9. Bespoke: Consulting. Recommendations. Deployment. Evaluation